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For those who live in Salt Lake City UT & Surrounding Area, we understand that you have quite a few choices when it comes to dealing with a Garage Door Repair issue.  Just ask your friends and any neighbors, regarding their own experiences, should they have ever needed to deal with a garage door problem.  It isn’t a pretty picture. There’s the unpleasant situation of having to constantly get out of your car and open the garage door manually.  Not to mention worrying if your home or business security is being compromised and possibly leaving you (and those you care about) open to theft or personal danger.

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ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salt Lake City UTAH - Garage Door
ETS Garage Door Repair Of Salt Lake City UTAH - Garage Door Repair

Salt Lake Garage Doors Provided By Our Specialists!

This is exactly why you won’t want to fool around when it comes to the Garage Door Repair Salk Lake company that you choose to deal with.  You want someone who’s going to be there when you need them. Right?  But just as important, you’ll want someone who does the job perfectly the first time while using the best quality parts available.  And finally, you want a company that offers competitive pricing and makes it easy on your budget.  That’s why folks in Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas choose Garage Door Repair of Salt Lake.  We’re a family-owned business, which has been providing top-level garage door technicians for a number of years.  Out here, we’re the trusted Garage Door Experts that people rely on!

Garage-Door-Spring-Repair-Salt Lake City UT ETS-Garage-Door-Replacement-Everett
Garage-Door-Spring-Repair-Salt Lake City UT-ETS-Garage-Door-Repair-Everett

Salt Lake Garage Doors Services include:

• Replacing Your Garage Door Opener
• Replacing Your Garage Door’s Springs
• Replacing Your Garage Door’s Cable(s)
• Reparing Your Garage Door’s Opener
• Replacing Your Damaged Panels
• Repairing Your Garage Door’s Off-Track
• Replacing Your Garage’s Rollers
• Repair/Replacing Your Bent Tracks

Salt Lake Garage Doors Opener Repair – Done Right!

Imagine that you should suddenly discover, while no doubt sitting in the rain, that your garage door opener has stopped working (isn’t that always the case?). What do you do?  Well, after getting yourself soaked while manually opening your garage door, you’ll want to call the experts at Salt Lake Garage Doors.  We have a long history of Garage Door Opener Repair with a long list of satisfied customers to go along with it.  We can work with any model garage door opener or, if the situation calls for it, completely replace your owner with an upgraded model.

Garage-Door-Spring-Repair-Salt Lake City UT ETS-Garage-Door-Replacement-Everett
Garage-Door-Opener-Remote-Repair--Salt Lake City UT -ETS-Garage-Door-Repair--Salt Lake City

Garage Door Spring Repair – Quick and Reliable!

If it’s a question of a Garage Door Spring Repair, we can do that as well, along with any other type of garage door repair or replacement.  And just remember, it’s important to leave these repairs to the professionals.  The amount of torsion and stress that is normally placed on garage door parts (like springs, for example) is considerable.  Many people have been seriously injured while attempting to perform DIY home repair projects involving garage doors!  So, we suggest that you leave it to the experts.

We-Fix-Garage-Door-Broken-Springs-Salt Lake City UT -ETS-Garage-Door-Repair
Repair-Garage-Door-Springs-Salt Lake City UT ETS-Garage-Door-Repair

Whether your garage is part of a home or business, our technicians have the parts and capability to work on any model or type of garage door.  So don’t hesitate to call us at 385.722.4951 when you run into any garage door problems and we’ll be at your location in the shortest amount of time, in order to assist you.

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